She has to know the truth about Overtoun Estate, but there is a reason it has stayed buried for so long.

When journalist Ava Brent decides to investigate the dark mystery of Overtoun Estate—a ‘thin place’, steeped in myth—she has no idea how dangerous this story will be for her.

Overtoun looms over the town, watching, waiting: the locals fearful of the strange building and the secrets it keeps. When Ava starts to ask questions, the warm welcome she first receives turns to a cold shoulder. And before she knows it, Ava is caught in the house’s grasp too.

After she discovers the history of a sick young girl who lived there, she starts to understand the sadness that shrouds it. But when she finds an ominous old message etched into a windowsill, she is forced to wonder—what horrors is the house protecting? And what will it cost her to find out?

With her own first child on the way, Ava knows she should stay away. But even as her life starts to unravel, and she receives chilling threats, the house and the bridge keep pulling her back…


The Thin Place is the haunting telling of a mysterious bridge and house that are surrounded by secret and tragedy. It is eerie, sinister and the story really gets under your skin, which I loved!

The writing is really atmospheric and very quickly Major transports you to the dark shadows of the Overtoun Estate. The uncertainty and constant feeling of being watched that Ava experiences gets transported to the reader and you experience those moments of panic with her. There were many moments where I could also feel the hairs stand on my arms and the whole thing really got under your skin and into your head. That is a testament to how strong the narrative and writing is and it's rare to find a book that so wholly blankets you in this eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere.

I loved the idea around Thin Places and how Major so strongly illustrated the feeling one gets when they experience one of these mysterious locations. It really added an extra layer of mystery and discomfort that gave the story an extra edge.

I thought the back and forth of timelines were excellent and really easy to distinguish. Sometimes it can get very confusing to know where you are and what is happening but these were very easy to follow and shaped the story really well.

The main reason that I knocked off 1 star is because I guessed a lot of the twists, so they weren't very surprising for me when they were revealed. I didn't guess the very end one though so that was a nice surprise. I also thought the characters could have had a bit more depth to them.

So yeah, big fan of this and I will definitely be reading more from Major. If you like a book that really gets inside your head then this is well worth a read! ⁣

A big thank you to NetGalley for letting me read it before it's release.




Gets under your skin


Not sure I can pick one as I did find Ava a little annoying...




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