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Documentary filmmaker Alice Lindstedt has been obsessed with the vanishing residents of the old mining town, dubbed “The Lost Village,” since she was a little girl. In 1959, her grandmother’s entire family disappeared in this mysterious tragedy, and ever since, the unanswered questions surrounding the only two people who were left—a woman stoned to death in the town center and an abandoned newborn—have plagued her. She’s gathered a small crew of friends in the remote village to make a film about what really happened.

But there will be no turning back.

Not long after they’ve set up camp, mysterious things begin to happen. Equipment is destroyed. People go missing. As doubt breeds fear and their very minds begin to crack, one thing becomes startlingly clear to Alice:

They are not alone.

They’re looking for the truth…

But what if it finds them first?


I just moved to Stockholm a few weeks ago so reading this eerie thriller that is based in Sweden was a great way to kick off my life here!

The Lost Village is an eerie and atmospheric telling of a truly bizarre and incomprehensible event; the disappearance of an entire village of nearly 1,000 people. How does this just happen? As soon as I read the description I knew this would be right up my alley. A great combination of Blair Witch Project vibes which you see more on screen than in a book.

I won't lie, I didn't think the writing was great but I also know that the book was written in Swedish and then translated so maybe it was the translation that did it a bit of a disservice. The writing just seemed a little over the top and too descriptive at times. It's like we had to know every single thought and action that happened and it interrupted the flow a little. However, I wanted to continue to read it as the whole premise and mystery around it was too much to just let go. I really wanted to find out what happened to all of those people but also to find out what would happen to this crew who are trying to uncover the mystery.

Overall, the eeriness and creepiness of the story started to build and the throwbacks to just before the disappearance were really good. The past is really fast which is great and very quickly you are experiencing a tense and threatening nightmare along with the characters. You could very clearly picture yourself in this cut off and isolated community and wanted to find out more about the people and what could have happened to them. I thought the links between the main characters and the people of the village were clever and tied it nicely. The characters themselves could have had a little more depth but anyway. I actually found the characters from the throwbacks in the village stronger than the main characters we follow as they try to make the documentary.

I won't lie, I did guess certain plot twists before they were revealed so I didn't really experience the 'oh my god' moment but I thought they were clever and realistic and actually made the whole thing a little more sinister which was good. The story as a hole is really good and I could see this being a super creepy movie that I would love to watch!

Overall I enjoyed it. It's an easy read and one you will get through very quickly. As I said, certain elements could have been better but I'm not sure if that's due to the translation or not. A big thank you to Net Galley for letting me read this before publication.






Emmy, she was definitely the strongest and had the most personality. I found Alice a little annoying and didn't connect with the others.




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