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Seven days. Three families. One killer.

It was supposed to be the perfect holiday - a group of families enjoying a week together in the sun. Four women who have been best friends for as long as they can remember making the most of a luxurious villa in the south of France.

But Kate has a secret: her husband is having an affair. And a week away might just be the perfect opportunity to get the proof she needs - to catch him in the act once and for all. Because she suspects the other woman is one of her two best friends.

One of them is working against her, willing to sacrifice years of friendship to destroy her family. But which one? As Kate closes in on the truth in the stifling Mediterranean heat, she realises too late that the stakes are far higher than she ever imagined . . .

Because someone in the villa may be prepared to kill to keep their secret hidden


I went into this book without any expectations. It was another one of my 'Buy One, Get One Half Price' purchases at WH Smith in the airport and looked like the perfect read for a holiday (no pun intended!).

The book starts off like many others; some perfect friends, with their perfect spouses and perfect kids go on a perfect holiday to this perfect villa. Sounds familiar right? I'm sure we have all read 100 other books like this. And then to throw a spanner in the works, one of the women believes her husband is having an affair and rather than ask him about it, she embraces her inner Nancy Drew and investigates.

Ok so you're probably thinking 'Come on SiSi, get to the point, is it worth a read or not?'

I am happy to say that it is definitely worth a read. As you can probably guess from the little tangent above, I spent the first half of the book in a mindset of being slightly underwhelmed and I found the pace a little slow. And then BAM! Things start to escalate super fast and suddenly you are taken on this roller coaster of twists and turns that bring to light the dark secrets that lay within the rest of the group.

I am quite good at guessing twists but I did not see this coming at all. Once I started the book, I accepted that I was in for a mellow and predictable story but boy I was wrong!

The main reason I still only gave it a 7 was because it did take a while for the book to build up any momentum and I found it dragged a little at the beginning but the last third of the book hooked me in and redeemed it. I also found the characters lacked a little depth and they could have been in any book. I love immersing myself in the characters and picturing them as real people but I found with this book, they lacked the characteristics to stand out for me.

If you're looking for a super easy read by the pool, whilst having a coffee or chilling on your couch, then this is definitely worth picking up. I can't wait to read more T.M. Logan and see what other crazy twists he has up his sleeve.




Easy Read


'It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.'


I struggled to pick one to be honest...none of them really connected with me.




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