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We're not just losing the wild world. We're forgetting it. We're no longer noticing it. We've lost the habit of looking and seeing and listening and hearing.

But we can make hidden things visible, and this book features 23 spellbinding ways to bring the magic of nature much closer to home.

Mammals you never knew existed will enter your world. Birds hidden in treetops will shed their cloak of anonymity. With a single movement of your hand you can make reptiles appear before you. Butterflies you never saw before will bring joy to every sunny day. Creatures of the darkness will enter your consciousness. And as you take on new techniques and a little new equipment, you will discover new creatures and, with them, new areas of yourself that had gone dormant. Once put to use, they wake up and start working again. You become wilder in your mind and in your heart. Once you know the tricks, the wild world begins to appear before you.


Myself and my university friends started an unofficial book club for 2021 and this was our second book! Not gonna lie, I had no idea what to expect but I loved the idea of getting back in touch with nature. We’re spending so much time inside so I’ll take any help I can get! ⁣

Rewild Yourself is a witty and very accessible book that gives some very simple and shamefully obvious suggestions on how we can reawaken ourselves and rekindle our relationship with nature. ⁣⁣

I was a little worried it would be a little pretentious and make me feel guilty that I don’t appreciate nature as much but it was completely the opposite. Barnes is an excellent storyteller and the writing is very casual, witty and accessible to everyone. Anyone can pick up this book and learn from it! ⁣He ties in themes and quotes from Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and more and it’s such a lovely way to showcase the magic behind nature and the little ‘spells’ we can learn to reconnect with it.

I also loved how simple these ideas are and how little effort we have to make in order to reconnect with nature. We don't need to take long boat trips into the sea or scale the highest mountain, simply by opening up our senses and listening we can find all of the nature that already surrounds us. Even in the busy streets and concrete jungle of the city of London!

If you’re looking for a nice short read that will expand your knowledge then I highly recommend it. Already I am putting into practice little things like going for walks without my headphones so I can actually listen to nature’s chorus. ⁣⁣

I’m not going to put a rating because it isn’t really a book that can be rated but I found it very enjoyable! ⁣



Eye Opening



'There is wildness in us all, but in most of us it's latent, sleeping, unused. Wild we are in our deeper selves: we are hunter-gatherers in suits and dresses and jeans and t-shirts. We have been civilised - tame - for less than 1 % of our existence as a species.'


NA but my favourite section was


NA - I don't feel this kind of book should be rated


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